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Kirill Zaborov in the media


Praise for the CD Prokofiev & Zaborov by pianist Jenny Lin (Steinway & Sons, 2017)

Zaborov’s music here are all miniatures that tend to merge together into one long suite of works that are both modern and melodic in their contrapuntal ingenuity. In Nine Variations on the theme by Dmitri Shostakovich he uses an accompaniment to a hymn Shostakovich wrote in 1932. Each variation represents an emotional aspect of his grandfather’s life. It’s lovely music filled with emotion, sorrow and fond remembrances.

Robert Moon
Audiophile Audition
May 25, 2017.

"Dix Apparitions are Zaborov miniatures all under two minutes. Some strike as virtuosic studies of counterpoint while others have an 

improvisational quality with echoes of Russian romanticism appearing and vanishing. Those are followed by Zaborov’s brooding Suite “Entrelacs” with dark, introspective episodes, played in sonorous intensity by Lin."

Lewis J. Whittington, The Classical Music Network,

May 20, 2017.

Praise for the CD Dialogue: Scriabin / Zaborov by pianist Laurence Oldak (Outhere, 2015) 
On radio.
Classical Playlist on YouTube
Jazz Playlist on YouTube

Rodolphe Bruneau-Boulmier and Emilie Munera

France Musique (France) 

En pistes!  April 17, 2015

Natalie Dessay

France Inter (France)

Classic avec Dessay, June 19, 2015 
Eighth Apparition by Kirill Zaborov

Philippe Cassard

France Musique 

Notes du traducteur  June 27, 2015

Brigitte Mahaux

RTBF (Belgique)

La matinale de musiq'3  May 6, 2015

Edith Walter

Radio Notre Dame

L'agenda musical  



"Zaborov seems to have an ideal place in this program. With movement titles borrowed from baroque music, the Medicis Suite is timeless. It already sounds like a classic, a bridge between yesterday and today."

Stéphane Godet,

"When music is in dialogue: impressions!", Stéphane Godet’s blog,

May 16 and June 29, 2016.

"In the eighth appearance, there is a celestial sweetness, close to the fourth of Scriabin's four studies, op. 42, which Laurence Oldak offers in a game of infinite tenderness that exalts the beauty of singing... Kirill Zaborov was inspired by visual as well as sonic perceptions, which brings to mind his predecessor [Scriabin], but the variety of climates he offers is very personal and sometimes speaks more directly to us, probably because they are closer to us."

Article on CD Dialogue and interview with Laurence Oldak

Le Piano bleu (The Blue Piano),

June 9, 2015

"Laurence Oldak gave a recital in the prestigious Salle Gaveau. This eminent pianist who brilliantly interpreted an interesting program, that linked, in a surprisingly organic and logical way, works by Chopin and Scriabin to the "Ten Apparitions" by Kirill Zaborov. In this romantic composition, the composer expresses in an inspired way an intimate world of bright hopes and poetic dreams. The musical aesthetic and style of K. Zaborov,’s composition, which resonate with L. Oldak’s pianistic impulse and interpretation style, were given a refined interpretation at this concert.

"В престижном Зале Гаво состоялся сольный концерт Лоранс Ольдак. Выдающаяся пианистка блистательно исполнила интересную программу. Произведения Шопена и Скрябина удивительно логично и органично были связаны с «Десятью видениями» Кирилла Заборова. В этом романтическом сочинении талантливый композитор вдохновенно выразил интимный мир светлых надежд и поэтический грез. Музыкальная эстетика и композиционная стилистика К.Заборова, очень созвучная пианистическим устремлениям и исполнительскому темпераменту Л.Ольдак, получила в концерте изысканную интерпретацию."

Viktor Ignatov, "Laurence Oldak rend hommage à la musique de Kirill Zaborov"

L'Affiche musicale. Moscou-Europe, 26 mars 2016.


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