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The painter Abraham Zaborov


Paternal grandfather 



Abraham Zaborov (1911-1985) was born in Liozno in the Vitebsk province of the Russian Empire. He belonged to a family of small traders and grew up in Vitebsk, Marc Chagall's hometown. He studied painting at the Institute of Fine Arts in Minsk, where he settled thereafter. 


As a young artist, he produced propaganda posters and portraits of communist figures in the 1930s. The years of the Second World War were marked by great hardships. After the war, he continued his artistic activity, asserting an ever more personal style. 


He emigrated to Israel in 1979 with his wife Esfir Rappoport, who also had an extraordinary fate, as well as the family of his younger son, Mikhail Zaborov, an art critic and philosopher. One of his works adorns the walls of the Knesset in Jerusalem.



Self-portrait by Abraham Zaborov, 1974.

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