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Kirill Zaborov, pianist and improviser.

Jazz Groups


The Zaborov/Mäkinen Duet

Since 2013, Kirill Zaborov has collaborated with the Finnish percussionist Antti Mäkinen on a piano and drums duo. The Zaborov/Mäkinen Duet invites listeners to journey through a succession of original compositions, interpretations of ancient melodies and moments of absolute improvisatory freedom. 


The Lyric Trio


In the early 2000s, Kirill Zaborov interest in exploring improvisation led him to create the Lyric Trio with other jazz musicians such as Yoni Zelnik, David Georgelet, Frédéric Jeanne, François Fuchs, Phil Hilfiker and, more recently, Patrick Chenais and Clément Thirion. They perform in Parisian jazz clubs such as Le Baiser salé, Le Caveau des Légendes, Les 7 Lézards or Le Glaz'art. 


Amerika composed by Kirill Zaborov

and interpreted by the Lyric Trio. 

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